How much should an interactive touchscreen solution cost?

Are you wondering how much you should expect to pay for an interactive touchscreen experience?

Perhaps you already have a rough idea of your budget and are looking to find out what’s possible –  or maybe you’ve already outlined the sort of experience you want for your customers, but don’t know how that relates in terms of cost.

If you’re unsure of what to expect, or how much of an investment your experience is going to be, this blog should help.

As experienced interactive touchscreen specialists, we’re going to explain the typical price range you can expect, and what can affect the cost of your own interactive touchscreen experience.

The average cost of an interactive touchscreen solution

There are two main parts when it comes to working out the cost of a complete interactive touchscreen experience: the hardware, and the visual experience that people interact with.

A good analogy is your desktop computer and a website, the desktop is the hardware and the website is the visual experience.


We can give you an idea of overall cost but most suppliers, us included, will break the cost down into these two elements.

1. Hardware

The cost for your hardware can vary greatly depending on what you need. As we mentioned in a previous blog, the hardware could be anything from a basic 30-inch touchscreen, to a large touchtable, or an exterior waterproof touchscreen to be placed in an outdoor space.

For a good, wall-mounted 32-inch touchscreen, you’ll be looking at a starting cost of about £500 – £600. A lectern style 42-inch touchscreen will cost about £2000 and a 65-inch 4k touchtable will cost about £8000. However, if you were to opt for a large, exterior waterproof touchscreen, you could be paying up to £12,000 for the hardware alone.

Touchscreens can also be combined together to create a touchscreen video wall if you really want to make an impact.

2. Software

Now we come to the most important part; the visual experience itself.

This is the heart of any interactive and affects the way users engage with your content and the experience they have.

We’d say that on average, the typical cost of an interactive touchscreen experience ranges from around £3,500 – £12,000.

However, this really depends on the complexity of the functionality and content you include in your touchscreen experience. For instance, one of the most complex projects we’ve worked on was costed at £20,000.

Of course, your chosen touchscreen specialist should be able to advise you more on costs and help you to come up with an innovative and enjoyable touchscreen solution to suit your needs and budget.

Ebbsfleet interactive suite


What factors can affect overall costs?

There are a number of factors that will impact the overall costs for your touchscreen experience, which means the price will dramatically differ from project to project.

Some of the biggest factors to affect costs include:

  • The amount of content you require
  • The type of interaction and features you want to include
  • Whether or not you wish to integrate your solution with back-end systems, e.g., interact with your website
  • Whether you want your solution to be future-proof, so you can keep it updated with content remotely
  • The size of the display
  • How you’re going to display your interactive touchscreen – will it be mounted, or floor standing or need a specialist stand?
  • The location – will you need WiFi? A design for the surrounding space?

All of the above are important to consider when factoring in your overall costs.

TIP: A good touchscreen specialist should be able to help advise or find workaround solutions to help you create an amazing all round experience your customers or visitors will love.  

What should be included in typical costs?

In our opinion, absolutely everything! As we mentioned above, you won’t always be looking at an all-inclusive price when going to a touchscreen specialist or supplier, but here are the things that should always be factored into your overall costs.

The hardware side should include everything from your touchscreens and computers, to the mount (wall-mounted, podiums etc.), full installation, set-up and ongoing support and warranties.

In terms of software, a specialist should include content review and wireframes, storyboarding, design, development, and testing – not to mention project management, meetings and ongoing support.

Of course, this is something you should always check with your supplier or touchscreen specialist, as a hardware provider probably won’t supply your software/experience (and we’d be wary if they did – see below for why), and vice versa.

Advice from a touchscreen specialist

As we mentioned above, most suppliers will either provide the hardware, or the software for a touchscreen experience – rarely both – and it’s important to think about this when working out your overall costs.

In our experience, you should be cautious about a hardware supplier who wants to provide you with the software / experience. This is because it’s really the most important element, and it’s likely they won’t specialise – or have much experience – developing experiences that truly reflect your brand and meet the highest design standards.

In fact, some of them may offer one-size-fits-all templates that may seem cost-effective, but won’t necessarily fit your needs exactly – and it certainly won’t be bespoke to your business and brand.

Remember, you get what you pay for, and cutting corners will run the risk of resulting in a lesser experience which your audience may find difficult to use. If they walk away, you’ve wasted money, so an upfront investment is crucial for a good, robust experience they’ll love.

That’s why it’s always best to seek out a touchscreen specialist or agency who is experienced in creating truly engaging and innovative touchscreen experiences. But if you’re in any doubt, ask to see previous examples of their work.

When speaking to a touchscreen specialist, they should be able to listen to your needs and ask all the right questions to help guide you through the process and make it as painless as possible, with robust project management processes and ongoing support.

And they should always, ALWAYS be transparent about costs – with no extras or hidden charges later down the line.

TIP: However, we’d also recommend ensuring you have a support contract in place for your hardware (like a guarantee or warranty), just in case anything goes wrong!


We hope you’ve found this blog helpful when looking for a better idea of costs for your interactive touchscreen experience. We know it can be a bit complicated, especially when you have to factor in hardware and software costs separately.

The best advice is to speak to a couple of different touchscreen specialists and see if they’re able to provide you with everything you need for your interactive touchscreen experience. They should be able to listen to your needs and work with you to come up with something to suit your budget.

What do you think of the costs mentioned above? If you have any questions, please let us know using our contact form – we promise to reply with something helpful!

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