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What is Conversational Presenting and Why is it So Effective for B2B?

Interactive presentations, conversational presenting, guided selling – they all basically mean the same thing but what does it actually involve and why is it so effective? Linear presentations may be the norm, and what you’re used to. You may even be resigned to going over your static, content-heavy slides from start-to-finish, skipping over unnecessary slides, without […]

5 Tips for Authentic Brand Storytelling in B2B

Are you looking for the best way to get started with authentic brand storytelling? B2B brand storytelling is more important than ever , so it’s vital to create your own brand story that helps connect with your best customers and differentiates you from your competitors, you need to focus on creating value and being relatable […]

5 Reasons Why Advanced Manufacturers Should Use Touchscreens at Events and in Innovation Centres

Are you thinking about developing an interactive touchscreen experience for an upcoming event or within a customer-facing environment? By its nature, advanced manufacturing can be extremely complex and particularly so when you are trying to explain what you do, and the value you deliver, to a non-expert customer. Being able to visualise your products, solutions, […]