Federal Resources is a US company that helps the military and first responders by equipping, training and maintaining every component required for their next mission.

With a vast portfolio of highly specialised equipment, the sales team struggled in meetings with clients, and at events, to access relevant content for their customers.

We worked with Federal Resources to create an interactive experience that could be used across multiple customer touchpoints. The sales team can now access any products and related content at the tap of a button that is of interest to a customer.

The interactives have the following benefits:

  • They can be used on any device, such as a large format touchscreen at an event as well as on a laptop or tablet
  • They run both offline and online so there is no need for internet at an event or in the field with a customer
  • Content can be tailored to a specific event, so if exhibiting at an event for fire professionals then only content related to fire services will be shown
  • The content can be updated by any authorised person from anywhere, so a change made at head office will automatically be reflected across all devices
  • Consistency across all devices is maintained as the Content Management System stores the latest content
  • Customers can select content that’s of interest, put it in a basket then have it emailed to themselves
  • Full analytics track every interaction across all instances of the interactives to gather intelligence on how they are being used
  • Multiple version of the interactive can be deployed at the same time, so if Federal Resources are exhibiting at multiple events they can have customised versions at each event.

In addition to the above, the sales team now have a dynamic and interactive experience to use with customers befitting of the brand.

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