The GSM Association is a trade body that represents the interests of 1,100 mobile operators worldwide. They produce over 500+ documents annually, covering all aspects of the mobile industry as well as setting global standards. In a rapidly changing industry, it is business critical that these documents are kept up-to-date and their customers always have access to the latest versions.

They run numerous global events throughout the year, their flagship event being the Mobile World Congress – providing latest documents for their customers at these events has historically always presented issues.

We worked closely with the GSMA to develop an interactive touchscreen experience that acted as a central hub for all of their documentation, allowing customers to easily access all content from PDFs, to videos and interactive data tools – over 200+ documents and assets in total at events around the world.

The interactive hub lets customers effortlessly browse the expansive range of valuable content through clear navigation and a simple interface, documents can now be selected and emailed by simply registering contact details. If the internet connection isn’t great or non-existent at an event, the system can run locally and will email documents when an internet connection is detected. The hub also features interactive charts and data from around the world and uses a highly secure encryption system to handle sensitive customer data.

Connected to a cloud-based content management system allows the GSMA teams to update content on the touchscreens from one central portal and checks for updates are automatic, keeping content continually refreshed.

Analytics let the GSMA team track exactly what customers are reading, watching and downloading, so they are able to get a clear idea of topics that are interesting their customers the most – guiding and refining future content decisions.

  Video of the experience in action

  Splash screen interface

touchscreen iexperience, interactive presentation

  Access any of 200+ reports and videos

  Interactive data tool

  Attendees can put all the documents they want into a downloads basket which emails the content to them

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